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Amidst the recent turmoil in the global financial markets one of the very most important and highly contested Presidential elections is taking place in the United States on the 4th November. With these elections rapidly approaching, the Association of Investment Companies (AIC) has collated the views of some investment company managers with high contact with the US.

In general, the managers think that the elections will have an impact on their US investments and the recent turmoil in global marketplaces will influence the election result. A new President provides with them a new set of procedures and managers seem optimistic about the future of the US and its long-term investment opportunities. Inside our field, which is a venture capital, we think this is potentially one of the extremely best times to invest in this field, Why? Venture is an all cash investment in an all equity asset class without a dollar of personal debt.

If debts features at all; it is at a much later stage in the Company’s life when it has significant sales and profits. So, there is a no “damaged goods” aspect to the asset class which, in the current environment, must make it unique almost. And innovation is definately not dead in Silicon Valley and other parts of the US especially in areas such as “cleantech” and along with all the other technology-based areas of the capital raising world.

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David McCraw, manager of the Edinburgh US Tracker Trust plc has investigated previous US elections with a particular concentrate on those which have taken place throughout a period of economic downturn. The systems of the incumbent Republican leader, Bush, and the primary, Presidential candidate, Democrat Obama, are different quite. Obama believes in the beneficial effects of government policy, which should matter in a number of areas highly relevant to Technology.

For instance, Obama has pledged to handle Global Climate Change and the need to get rid of the dependence of the USA on foreign oil imports. We are positioning our portfolio to take benefit of the global world as we see it. We are placing about one-half of our positions in US traded Chinese companies. These companies are growing rapidly and are offering at very low valuations.

THAT would be good to learn in advance, wouldn’t it? In addition to CCRs, some properties will be part of a HOA (home owners association) or condominium association. That is typically a non-profit corporation that enforces the CCRs and maintains the common areas. As a homeowner, you will be a member and you will also be required to pay an annual fee. The quantity of the fee may differ greatly, so that can be an important fact to find out.

When you get a property, you shall, of course, do in-depth research about your HOA and CCRs. In this stage of choosing a spot, avoid locations with overly restrictive rules and excessive fees that don’t offer you commensurate value as an owner. And look for locations with affordable rules and well-managed HOA boards. The local government (state, state, city/town) can have a big impact on your investment property. Property taxes – Are they low or high in accordance with rents? Are the continuing state, county, and city entities that tax you managing their funds well?

Are taxes increasing rapidly to cover poor previous decisions? Or are they steady? You can find a lot of this information in the city’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report I referenced previously. Municipal services – Are property taxes used to provide helpful services like trash pick-up, streetside leaf pickup, water/sewer access, fire, and police service, and planning/code enforcement?

Rental laws and regulations and licenses – Local rules of leases is an ever-growing trend. In my own town, I must obtain a local rental permit, pay an annual charge, and meet an inspector at each property each year. This uses the right money and time of both me and/or my property supervisor. Rental laws can require basic things like smoke detectors in houses, however they can go much further as well.