Skin And Facial Treatments

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Some more easy-to-implement body treatment tips. 1.Waterrmelon juice clears the pores and skin of all its blemishes leaving it lovely and fresh. Grate a watermelon, squeeze out the juice and apply it on your face for 15 minutes. Now wash it with hot water and splash on cool water then. 2. Fenugreek leaves (methi) treatment pimples, blackheads, dryness and early appearance of wrinkles. Every night Make a paste of these leaves and apply it.

Next morning, wash off with tepid to warm water. This increases your complexion. 3. Tea lemon and leaves juice helps prevent hair fall. They lead to soft and sparkly hair also. You will need to boil the leaves in water and strain out the tea. Put in a little lemon juice to the concoction and clean your hair with it. Rinse your hair thoroughly.

4. Bengal gram flour (besan) blended with curd can be employed daily on your face and hair! It shall not only offer you a glowing complexion, but long and lustrous hair also. 5. Orange juice is great for an instant glow. All you have to to do is dip your fingertips in the juice and pat your cheeks, chin, neck and forehead. Wash off after 10 minutes. Your kitchen shelf has been keeping all these beauty secrets for years secretly. It is your decision to discover more.

Dont’ want to make your own balms, lotions, etc, check out Sally B’s Skin Yummies for organic and handmade products! Beeswax: Employed for lip balms, salves, and other homemade skin care products. I get mine from Mountain Rose Herbs. Mountain Rose Herbs essential natural oils: Essential oils have many uses. You’ll find my post that use them through this hyperlink.

I’m not attached to a certain brand, but I have been pleased with MRH for a couple of years now. Shipping can add up, so try to order with a close friend when possible. Aura Cacia essential oils: I purchased this brand even before I knew much about essential oils. I’m quite pleased with them and I now get them through Vitacost.

  • Lip gloss or Lipstick
  • A great USDA accredited organic & paraben free moisturizer for epidermis care
  • Regular baths with oatmeal hair shampoo (monthly)
  • Immune-autoimmune dysfunction
  • Skin treatment tips
  • Dyes or color chemicals
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon (5 g)
  • Mad Hatter

You can find them on Amazon as well. 10 on your first order by using my refer-a-friend link. I get Redmond Clay from Vitacost. Castile cleaning soap: Ideal for cleaning, shampoo, face wash, etc. I get Dr. Bronner’s pubs for regular use and making hands soap. I also like Dr. Bronner’s liquid castile soap, but I started using Dessert Essence because it’s much cheaper and still good quality.

Find Dessert Essence liquid castile cleaning soap here. Hydrosols (bloom waters): I get these, especially my favorite Rose Water, from Mountain Rose Herbs. Earthpaste toothpaste: Natural toothpaste made with clay, salt, essential natural oils. Cheapest price I’ve found is Vitacost or Iherb. OraWellness brushing mix (and toothbrushes): Brushing blend made with essentials natural oils.

I’ve been pleased with this product for over a season now. 10 on your first order by using my refer-a-friend link. Please note: Many of these links are affiliate links. They are only links to products I take advantage of myself. I am going to receive a little commission rate if you order through a few of the links (your price doesn’t change). This can help keep up with the blog and allow me to keep putting out free information/dishes. Many thanks for your support!

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