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HHSE Investor Relations

Good afternoon HHSE Friends – There has been a great deal of chatter (plus some criticism) about the engagement last year of Ahnume Business Consultants and the issuance of restricted shares in HHSE in exchange for a laundry list of services. The main manager of Ahnume has requested that the anonymity as a business consulting group is guarded. HHSE has honored this request.

No official, director, supervisor or affiliate marketer (or any family members) of Hannover House are at all associated with – or benefitting from – Ahnume. Not myself, Eric Parkinson nor Fred Shefte, or other HHSE employees, family members, friends, etc., NONE are in any way involved with Ahnume. Period. That said, we think ALL shareholders will be benefitting from the launch of VODwiz and the other introductions and advice received through Ahnume.

To the best of our knowledge (and per a representation created by Ahnume), neither NTEK nor the NTEK companions, founders, former managers, are participating with Ahnume. If the purpose of Fred Shefte and I were personal enrichment from HHSE, we’d not be loaning personal cash to the business, deferring our salaries and forfeiting stock shares to treasury back. We understand: many Pinksheet managers are in the habit of “issuing” themselves new shares of common stock – however, not at Hannover House.

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Frankly, we think that the principal supervisor behind Ahnume MAY eventually want to step up and take credit for the intro to NTEK – but only after VODwiz is a resounding success. Meanwhile, we respect his request to not be harassed by shareholders, naysayers, and other businesses that may also want usage of capital and growth opportunities.

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