California Regulators Target Web Ads For Illegal Pot Shops

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California Regulators Target Web Ads For Illegal Pot Shops

But legal and unlawful operators advertise next to one another, and licensed providers in California say that’s put them at a drawback in a cutthroat market place. To them, Weedmaps is helping unlawful sellers flourish without having any of the obligations certified operators paying and endure-collecting taxes, insuring their businesses and employees, and abiding by protection rules for his or her products. Quite simply, illegal shops can sell pot at cheaper prices, 30 percent to 50 percent less sometimes. Jerred Kiloh, a licensed dispensary owner in LA who heads the United Cannabis Business Association, a business group.

Weedmaps operates in over two dozen says, however the presssing issue is arriving to a mind in California, which in January became the country’s largest legal market place. Month warned Weedmaps to stop advertising shops operating beyond your regulation Condition regulators last. In a reply, Weedmaps executives said they are eager to work with the state but asserted that the web directory doesn’t fall under state authority and it is shielded by provisions in federal law.

The company sees the core of the problem as a scarcity of legal outlet stores and hefty taxes that scare off consumers from certified shops, not its online ads. In LA, where the pace of city licensing has been sluggish, only about 130 retail shops have expert to operate, while city officials acknowledge hundreds more are making unlawful sales.

Weedmaps says its experience dropping unlicensed businesses from its listings in Washington, Oregon, Massachusetts and Nevada had no effect on how big is those unlicensed marketplaces. Weedmaps CEO Doug Francis and President Chris Beals wrote to the state Bureau of Cannabis Control earlier this month. The business some call a Craigslist for cannabis defines itself as an “interactive computer service” that falls under the federal Communications Decency Act.

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A key portion of that law was created to protect internet web publishers, generally providing immunity to them for content submitted by users. But Kiloh is among those who argue Weedmaps is more than an advertising platform far, noting consumers may use the site to submit orders and summon deliveries from shops legal and otherwise. The dispute over the online ads goes to basic economics for an emerging market sprung from what was mostly an unlawful one: Lawful operators will struggle if they’re competing with a robust black market that can undersell them.

Complaints have surfaced elsewhere, including over fees that in some cases can be thousands of dollars a month for prime ad space. The business says some marketers pay nothing. Peter Marcus, a spokesman for Boulder-based Terrapin Care Station. Terrapin has five certified dispensaries in Colorado and has marketed with Weedmaps for years, Marcus said.

He said Terrapin worries Weedmaps’ high-profile spat with California regulators will bring unwanted attention from the U.S Justice Department, which continues to prosecute marijuana offenses under federal law that still sees cannabis as an illegal drug. The selling point of black-market shops-and the lure of their ads-was illustrated this month after a raid at an unlawful dispensary near Los Angeles. Despite the bust, prospective customers were asking about making buys.