Discontinued COSMETICS

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Discontinued COSMETICS

Perhaps one of the very most frustrating reasons for having being truly a consumer in today’s beauty world is the constant discontinuation of products. Companies are always striving to stay on top of the tendencies, and it almost seems that sometimes they are trying to discourage folks from becoming loyal to one specific product.

Sure, area of the reason why we love cosmetics is that there surely is always something new and interesting popping up on the shelves. But also for those folks that have had a favorite product discontinued, we recognize that the new and shiny stuff comes with a price. The whole “if it broke do not, don’t fix it” mantra just doesn’t seem to ring true in the cosmetics industry these days. I am one of the lucky ones that always appear to fall in love with products that are doomed from the start.

If it’s limited model, difficult to find or extremely unique, I shall develop a dependence on that specific item. Luckily, the exception for me personally seems to be a makeup; any makeup products that I have fallen deeply in love with seem to stick around for awhile. However, I swear to all that is holy, if Mac or discontinues the Painterly Paint Shale or Container eyeshadow, I will boycott them for the rest of my life.

Anyways, it is seriously heartbreaking once I go into a store and find that the thing of my desire doesn’t even exist anymore! When Not long ago I discovered that my all-time favorite conditioner was discontinued (I’ll discuss this in a bit), I cried almost. It took me so long to find a conditioner that was the perfect mixture of moisture and protein, had the perfect scent that could linger in my hair forever and left me tangle free. Of course, I scoured every store in the area and were left with about 15 bottles of it. I just consumed my last bit a few weeks ago, and it was the finish of a time.

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