How One Can Create Custom Content Elements In Typo3 Using A Sitepackage?

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The best way to create custom content parts in typo3 using a sitepackage? I’m using the sitepackage builder to create web site in Typo3 9.5. Right now i must create a custom content material element and i simply can’t get it to work. 7.6/AddingYourOwnContentElements/Index.html) and it looks like there’s all the time lacking an obvious part i do not get.

For instance the primary half in the doc “PageTsconfig”, where precisely am i supposed to put this code? If anyone can present a dummy step-by-step guide to create and use a customized content material element, it could be much appreciated. Unfortunately we can’t develop one thing for you. Please attempt to narrow down your subject to a single question by appending what you’ve got performed already and why it would not work (eg.

Here is one of the best resolution for this, thanks to @daniel! The Page TS Config Part goes for example into the web page properties assets (Edit page in web page tree). Usually you place this TS half into your custom extension and just add it as a file within the talked about part. The Page TS Config for custom elements is accountable for displaying your content aspect choices when clicking “Add new” content factor on a page.

You possibly can have a look at my extension at Github which is just a base content ingredient “Text with picture on left”. There you need to discover all vital steps in order to create your personal content element. I’ve just adjusted the extension with the intention to have v9 compatibility. If any questions otherwise you get caught somewhere, just let me know. Another advice it to check out the mask extension and mask exporter extension.

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The generated exported code may also be a great source in an effort to see the way it has been done here. Thanks for the mask tipp, i finally received it to work somehow. I now received a seperate extension for my custom content factor. But it ought to be doable to integrate the content material ingredient directly into my sitepackage right? Thanks for contributing a solution to Stack Overflow! Please be sure you reply the query. Provide particulars and share your research!

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