Cosmetic Glitter Vs Craft Glitter

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Recently I was asked why it is so bad to use build glitter on your eye when doing makeup. People often argue with me that it is cheaper, the same thing practically, and if it’s only happening your eyelids, why should it matter? But there’s a difference and serious health concerns, and I urge visitors to use aesthetic glitters only always.

However, it does help to understand the WHY of the general rule. The primary difference between build glitter and cosmetic glitter is what it is manufactured of- art glitter is generally made of metal (yikes!) and aesthetic glitter is made of plastic, usually some type of polyester. Old fashioned metal-cut glitters. The truth is, however, metallic build glitters are actually kind of rare to come across these times.

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If you look at the majority of the Martha Stewart or Recollections type of glitters these are mostly polyester or polythylene. A common issue is that aesthetic glitters are expensive. You will find cheap options out there, you just have to look! Sally Girl is probably the cheapest cosmetic glitter I have run into for only 99¢, and it can be found by you for the most part Sally’s Beauty Supply stores.

3, as does Wolfe Brothers (I picked some up as of this years IMATS and they’re are perfect!) An excellent mid-range option that has an impressively wide array of color options are Eye Kandy’s nutrient and glitter sprinkles. They formulated a great mixing medium for liners also. If you do want to visit high end, Macintosh has a whooooooole selection of pigments and glitters to tantalize any OCD collector out there.

Urban Decay also released a new eyeshadow collection called Moondust (reformulated off their Stardust collection) which, while isn’t theoretically a glitter, has an intense micro-fine sparkle (think sunshine on water) that is very eye-catching. If you are looking to buy cosmetic glitter in bulk, CONSTITUTE Forever has a variety of purchase options and a variety of glitters; various different sizes, cuts, and holographic results.

The N56 Silver Multicolored glitter is especially stunning with body painting! In my personal opinion, Personally i think that it’s easier to be safe than sorry as it pertains to glitters. Though Ultimately, it is your choice what you choose to do. I can only hope to inform and give advice founded in quite a bit of research.

Your eye are a precious commodity and extreme care should always be taken to protect your (or your client’s!) health. With all the current talk of paraben free, cruelty free, and vegan makeup, doesn’t it make sense to increase that same state of mind to glitter as well? There are numerous companies out that make FDA approved there, safe-to-apply-to-skin glitters that outshine far, outshimmer, and out-holograph what you can generally find in art stores.

IMPORTANT PS: A couple of a little percentage of cosmetic glitters out there that are also made of micro-fine glass. I recall sounding some at MUFE’s booth at IMATS. I believe it is sold as a body glitter (someone right me if I’m incorrect) and is promoted for use on body ONLY, to be held from the facial skin away.

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