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MIT Sloan Management Review, Sept. The dramatic influence of the internet about how businesses operate and the emergence of a handful of gigantic, digitally allowed corporations have resulted in breathless pronouncements about the importance of a peculiar new course of monopolies built on digital systems. These systems, it is argued, fuel network effects that lead to winner-take-all marketplaces inexorably.

This perspective is invariably coupled with infectious optimism and investment euphoria regarding the extraordinary level and power of network-effects businesses. Theoretically, the key attribute of a network-effects business is its momentum-driven flywheel. Every new participant increases the value of the network to existing participants, attracts more new users, and makes the prospect of an effective competitive attack ever more remote – thus bolstering the relative attractiveness of the business.

The imagined innate indomitability of network effects stems at least in part from the breathtaking strength of notable platform businesses, like Facebook’s public network or Microsoft’s Windows operating system. The problem is that not all system businesses exhibit network results. Nor are digital platforms necessarily better businesses than the analog versions that they displace. Analog malls had the benefit of their shoppers being many miles from competing malls, and the advantage of their retail tenants being focused on long-term leases.

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On the internet, system competitors are only a click away and companies regularly and dynamically improve their customer reach across competing platforms and directly via their own sites. It is not that marketplace businesses built on e-commerce platforms do not have advantages or that they cannot flourish. Rather, it is that the mere presence of network results tells business owners and traders relatively little about the appeal of a particular business.

For example, there is almost no fundamental difference in the network results enjoyed by Uber Technologies Inc. and Airbnb Inc., the global market leaders in the ride-hailing and short-term lodging marketplaces, respectively. Yet, other characteristics of those industries ensure that Airbnb will enjoy dramatically stronger results than Uber will ever achieve. Browse the rest here.

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