Know Your Why!

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Know Your Why!

ICE19 before the conference gets began. I’ve already shared posts connected to the workshops, highlighted classes, the exhibitor hall, and the ICE bookstore. I know this is quite a few tips for one post, so my advice is to explore one suggestion at a time and don’t make an effort to tell you this whole post in one sitting. I am hoping there is something here that will help everyone make the most their ICE experience.

If you have any extra tips, events, or questions to share, please post in the feedback below. Planning and arranging your times are important (Tip 3), but if you are only focused on the where and the when you may lose out on a more complete learning experience. This year I plan to develop a way of thinking linked to these 3 quotations that I’ll use to operate a vehicle my conference experience. Having goals before I choose my periods is important if you ask me.

It is too easy to sit in the back of the area during sessions and only focus on the presenter. I understand because this is who I had been for a few years quite. I held to the relative back of the room and required notes. I learned, but I recognized that I missed from so much now. There are so many great educators who aren’t standing in front of the room who’ve so much to talk about.

I started volunteering at the meeting a few years back and this season I am lucky to be on the Program Committee, introducing speakers, and employed in the publication store. Be sure to plan time to flee the Conference in the Exhibit Hall! On this session they won’t just talk about what active learning should look like – they will actually role model the 4 C’s: Creativity, Communication, Collaboration, and Critical Thinking.

You will be working in teams and competing against other attendees to be the first ever to “escape”. After taking part in this experience, you shall leave with ideas about how to develop problem solvers in your district, design interesting professional learning activities, and find out about innovative ed-tech solutions. Why Are You Attending? There are so many incredible learning opportunities at the meeting this year, so that it is important to know your why before attending.

I like to start planning my meeting with my school’s improvement plan in mind. Personal teaching and learning goals are also important (Tip 1). Knowing why I am going to the meeting helps me choose periods that connect to why I am at the conference. The Snow Conference uses SCHED to organize the activities and sessions for any 4 days of the meeting.

The ICE SCHED works on all web browsers and mobile devices. If you log in to the SCHED you save your favorite periods and create your own schedule within the bigger schedule. In the event that you do this of your time ahead, SCHED will even email you a daily summary of the periods you’ve examined.

  1. Google Should Leave BlogAds, Adify and TribalFusio
  2. Download a list of documents at known addresses
  3. Professional Ad Tracking
  4. It encourages dialogue and deepening on topics highly relevant to your business
  5. Social media
  6. Quarterly company meet-ups in a variety of inspiring and ambitious settings
  7. 1-Year Plan: $25/month

Explore the Schaumburg Conference Center Map, the Exhibitor Hall Map, the trip to the meeting and the Exhibitor List before your first. Seats are not reserved, so addressing a session is a great practice early. ICE19 App that you will get in your App store. Many presenters will reveal some amazing resources in their periods.

Attendees can also explore presenter resources for some sessions in the ICE Symbaloo of Presenter Resources. Tip 4: What to Bring? I’d focus on a Laptop or a Chromebook. Tablets and mobile devices are ok, but there will be classes where having a complete-sized screen and keyboard are a huge reward.

I also like to have a pad of paper for a few sketchnotes and brainstorms on the side. Bring a refillable drinking water bottle plus some snacks to keep your energy up. Finally, dress in layers. The heat can vary a little in different spaces at a larger conference. There are numerous great tools educators may use to create collaborative talk about and notes resources.