American Teens Accused Of Murdering Italian Officer Come From Wealth

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American Teens Accused Of Murdering Italian Officer Come From Wealth

As American teenagers Gabriel Natale-Hjorth and Finnegan Elder languish in an Italian prison awaiting their destiny for the murder of Italian police officer Mario Cerciello Rega, a fuller picture of the accused killers’ privileged backgrounds is beginning to emerge. The town is packed with art galleries, trendy fashion boutiques, and open-air espresso shops and is favored by rich Silicon Valley downtown and business owners financial brokers. The 18-year old’s luxurious lifestyle is in stark contrast to the jail cell in Rome, where he’s currently waiting, as his high-society father visited him today in prison and says his son is completely ‘distraught’.

Gabriel Natale-Hjorth, 18, (left) and Finnegan Lee Elder, 19, (right) are accused of stabbing Deputy Brigadier Mario Cerciello Rega to loss of life on Friday in Rome. The teen’s parents fit right in among Mill Valley’s high-society. The accused teen’s Italian father Fabrizio Natale, 54, is among the elite as well. He could visit in son in prison Wednesday morning, attorney Francesco Petrelli revealed.

Mr. Natale, 54, said in a statement: ‘Gabriel is distraught with what happened and cannot come to terms with it. Mr. Natale, a former Executive Director at a venture capital and private collateral company called Capital Dynamics and a previous Principal Investment Officer for the European Investment Fund, is currently on the Washington State Investment Board. He’s also a member of the SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA Yacht Club, where in fact the rich and famous of northern California converge. Mr. Natale, an accomplished sailor, even competed in the 2009 2009-Rolex Big Boat Series as headsail trimmer on board the Tupelo Honey yacht – which earned the IRC-D division trophy that year.

His mother Heidi Hjorth, 57, is a high-end real estate agent with upmarket real property brokerage Golden Gate Sotheby’s International Realty, selling multi-million-buck homes to the city’s wealthiest. The rich, well-dressed married couple owns a multi-million-buck property profile in the area also. 1.65 million three-bedroom home with stunning views of the Golden Gate National CAR PARK.

According for some reports the few may have lately separated. This may explain why the blissful luxury property, which they bought in 2004, happens to be up for sale on Hjorth’s own real estate page. She’s trying to sell the house through Sotheby’s and the 2440 sq foot ‘Modern Barn’ offers high end coatings throughout, wide plank wood flooring, newly re-modeled kitchen and bathrooms, decks, siding, and beautiful landscaping design.

2million ‘architect-designed’ beach house in Stinson Beach, which is 13 miles away along the coastline. This is an inside of one of three homes that the Natale-Hjorth family owns. The house is detailed on several holiday local rental sites and ‘Heidi’ is the detailed agent. The land was bought from the few in 2015, and acquired an architect draw up programs to create a modern, developer home on the storyline, but they confronted fierce local opposition.

Two neighbors tried to prevent the project and prevent them from obtaining a seaside development permit from Marin County. But regarding records the permit was eventually granted providing certain conditions were fulfilled and the blissful luxury property was built. 750,000 apartments in nearby Sausalito – a scenic waterfront town – which is where Hjorth’s father once lived but is currently being rented by a family group. Just days prior to the killing, Natale-Hjorth posted a picture online posing with two Gucci bags packed with designer gear he’d bought from the brand’s flagship store.

No one in this beautiful community can believe Natale-Hjorth – a blond, handsome, all-American athlete and accomplished son – might have been involved with such an awful criminal offense in Italy. The teen performed lacrosse in high school and he sailed yachts with his father and boxed also. By all accounts Natale-Hjorth was a good student and had collaborated with Tam News, the Tamalpais SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL newspaper.

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But some classmates had a differing view, with one, Tommy Flynn, informing local train station KPIX5: ‘I’ve kind of always known that he’s a negative guy,’ said. He’d come up in tales of just like activities that you wouldn’t want your kids engaging in. He’s kind of been known around town as a delinquent personality. The teen loved a privileged upbringing in Mill Valley, however, enjoying times at the bicycle and beach rides up Mount Tamalpais with his younger brother Sebastian.

The brothers would spend at least three weeks every summer in Italy with their father visiting their grandfather in Fregene, a seaside Hamlet just outside Rome, where Natale-Hjorth became recognized to locals as ‘Gabe’. Ethan Elder, the daddy of Finnegan Elder, Thursday morning hours and demanded to see his kid upon arrival arrived in Rome.