HOW EXACTLY TO Install Windows Drivers For The LaunchPad On Windows 8

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HOW EXACTLY TO Install Windows Drivers For The LaunchPad On Windows 8

How to install windows drivers for the LaunchPad on Windows 8. This is the third of three steps. First you install Keil, so you set up to then. After these two steps are complete, you follow these directions to install motorists for the LaunchPad then. There are a total of three drivers to install, which will be installed separately. Problem: The kernel-mode code signing policy for 64-bit versions of Windows Vista and later versions of Windows specify the kernel-mode drivers must be signed for the drivers to load. Unfortunately the motorists from Texas Instruments for the LaunchPad are not authorized. Solution: The steps to install drivers that are not signed on Windows 8 is as follows.

0.Take a snapshot of the steps on your mobile phone for research, or use a second computer to see this web page. You shall be restarting the machine that you are installing drivers, so that the machine will never be open to view the instructions. Select “PC settings” in the bottom of the slide window. 2. The machine will restart and may take some minutes showing in the shoe menu.

Wait for it patiently. 3. After some time you’ll be prompted with a menu with pursuing options. 4. Choose Troubleshoot. The next menu shows up Then. 5. Choose Advanced Options. 6. Choose Windows Startup Settings, click Restart then. 7. Now the computer will restart and the boot menu appears. Choose Disable Driver signature Enforcement from the menu. Now home windows will start and you can do installing the driver that’s not signed according to the normal treatment. Plug in the LaunchPad into a USB interface.

Pick the USB slot, you will likely want to use. Plug the mini-USB into the outlet labeled Debug. Make certain the LaunchPad power is on. There is a slider switch near the USB that needs to be in the Debug position. The green LED close to the USB will illuminate when power is applied.

For each of the three devices, first right-click on the device and choose Upgrade Drivers Software then. You’ll be given a selection to find automatically or to Browse my computer. Click Browse my computer for driver software. Browse your computer and find the location of the windows-drivers folder installed with TExaS.

You get this warning. You will get a success display screen. Repeat steps 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14 for the other two devices. Once you’ve repeated the process a complete of three times there must be no mistake flags. I.e., there should be yellow exclamation factors no. However, if you do see one of the three Stellaris devices with a driver error, try right-clicking on these devices with error and select update driver, and try the process again. Sometimes it doesn’t set up on the first try but will install on the second try. Remember that the computer shown above has one COM port (COM4 is the Stellaris board). If you see more than one COM port, jot down the true amount from the Stellaris Virtual Serial Interface.

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