Timing Is Important When It Comes To Pruning Flowering Shrubs

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Timing Is Important When It Comes To Pruning Flowering Shrubs

Question: I’ve some shrubs I’d prefer to prune, and I heard it’s far better do it in the late winter or early spring. Any kind of shrubs which should not now be pruned right? And, is a best way to start the work there? Any advice would be appreciated.

Answer: Deciduous shrubs are currently in a dormant state (meaning they are not in a period of active growth). Dormant pruning for these types of shrubs usually takes place in late winter. Minor pruning of most shrubs should take place annually, especially if you want to keep them from growing too big and requiring more drastic pruning techniques down the road.

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Shrubs can be pruned for just two different reasons. First, to remove damaged or lifeless plant development, and secondly, to maintain or create a special form or shape. Though a plant’s natural form best is always, sometimes it’s necessary to control its size or form. Take into account that Just, unless you are growing a formal topiary, a well-pruned seed shouldn’t appear to be it’s been pruned at all. Arborvitae, junipers, boxwood, yews & most other evergreen shrubs choose to be pruned in early spring, before active growth starts just.

Hold off until late March or early April to prune these plant life. But, any flowering shrubs that produce their blooms in the summer on new timber, such as rose of Sharon, smoke tree, butterfly bushes, beautyberry and glossy abelia, can be pruned right now. So can shrubs that are not grown mainly for their flowers, such as bayberry, barberry, burning up bush and so on.

What you shouldn’t prune this time of season are spring-flowering shrubs that have already developed their bloom buds for this coming season. This list includes azaleas, lilacs, mock orange, rhododendrons, laurels, flowering quince, spirea and forsythia. Postpone on pruning these plants until just after they flower. 1. Begin by eliminating useless and diseased development.

Then remove crossed branches and those growing toward the plant’s center. 2. Make use of a clean, sharp pair of pruners to judiciously remove branches one-by-one by following tip of the stem into the shrub and snipping the branch off just above where it joins another branch. Clean the clippers with a ten percent bleach solution when moving to a new plant to prevent the spread of disease. 3. Ideally, you should never remove more than one-third of the full total height and level of a shrub in virtually any solitary pruning. Unless, of course, you’re hoping for a complete rejuvenation and plan to cut the entire shrub all the way back to the ground to allow it resprout. Horticulturist Jessica Walliser co-hosts “The Organic Gardeners” at 7 a.m. Sundays on KDKA Radio with Doug Oster.

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