Montana Outdoors: When It Comes To Freshwater Cod, Beauty Is A Subjective Thing

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Montana Outdoors: When It Comes To Freshwater Cod, Beauty Is A Subjective Thing

Too many fishermen, ling is an unappealing old thing just. They long have, skinny bodies that writhe like a snake. They’ve acquired a gaping, toothless mouth and one scraggly whisker. A poster child for the beauties of the fish world, they say, long are not. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this, the only real freshwater person in the cod family, is adored by others because of their unique appearance similarly, alternate lifestyle, and their fine eating qualities. Among the problems for Montana Fish, Parks, and Animals in taking care of this native varieties, however, usually relatively little is known about them.

More properly called burnout (also called eelpout, attorneys, and lingcod in other places), biologists have the essential biology of long down pat, but human population monitoring is difficult. Last week, FWP fisheries biologist Mike Ruggles and Earl Radonski were on the Yellowstone River between Laurel and the Duck Creek Bridge, preparing hoop nets and tagging long to get a better deal with on long volumes.

“Rangewide for long, there is certainly consensus between fishermen and biologists that their statistics have been dwindling for reasons unknown,” Ruggles said. “Part of understanding that is having enough information to know what fluctuations signify to long populations. “I’ve received some telephone calls from fishermen. Some that contain been around for some time are requesting us what we know about long. They ponder where each of them have ended up,” he said.

“There is a lot of long sportfishing taking place in the 1960s and ’70s. Ruggles and Radonski are carrying out work on the stretch out of the Yellowstone River from Laurel to the lips of the Bighorn and on the Bighorn from Two Leggins Diversion dam to the confluence with the Yellowstone.

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Thanks to be a subscriber. Sorry, your membership does not include this content. “We’re using baited hoop nets. We’re heading to try some electrofishing, too,” Ruggles said. “Whenever we catch a ling, we get a weight and span measurement, then fit them with yellowish dangle tags that are fastened with a wire through the seafood toward the tail.

“Previously, we’ve tagged them with blue tags, too,” he further. “If anyone attracts tagged seafood, let FWP know through its Site or calling the Billings office (at 247-2940). Get a size, weight, and record the location where it was found. From that given information, we can get some good mobility and development.

“From what we’ve grabbed so far, we know we’ve various calendar year classes – so no apparent or category failures. But we’d like to see more fish,” Ruggles said. “We’re in the review early. There is a population estimate done back in the 1980s on a tiny stretch of the river near Laurel. There have been some attempts through time to get a handle with them. Area of the difficulty in studying long is the fact that some other fish varieties are relatively dormant in the winter and mixed up in summer months, ling is just the opposite.

They’re relatively dormant in the summer and dynamic during winter, when streams like the Yellowstone are covered with glaciers. “We realize they’re aggregate spawners – gathering in teams beneath the ice. They spawn in the wintertime. They’re more active when it’s frosty. Nighttime They’re more active at. And, they scare people,” Ruggles laughed.

“When people get one on the finish of the line and aren’t ready for them, I’ve noticed stories of men and women falling out in clumps of boats, sliding off of banking companies, fish around slithering, a myriad of things. No, ling isn’t for everybody definitely. But to long lovers, they are species well worth knowing more about and a thing of beauty in the chilly spring waters of Eastern Montana rivers.