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I’m concerned about the increasing tendency towards Weight Bullying among some healthcare providers. As the pressure on providers to “take action” about the Obeeeesity Epidemic increases, so will the pressure for them to take part in weight bullying at appointments. What’s “weight bullying”? Weight bullying is the unrelenting, negative focus on a patient’s weight during medical appointments to the detriment of most other issues.

It is the constant harassment to lose weight ─ not simply focus on healthy practices, but actually put the principal focus on slimming down ─ by whatever means necessary, even radical ones. It really is blaming the patient’s weight for anything that is wrong with this patient, even when such a connection is dubious.

It is overlooking other possible causes because the care supplier cannot see anything aside from the patient’s weight (“fat distraction,” also called “size profiling”). It really is restricting usage of checks and treatments, based only on a patient’s weight (or willingness to pursue slimming down). It really is denying treatment until an individual acquiesces and loses weight. Whatever the foundation of the pressure treatment providers need to begin to realize that weight bullying is leading to more damage than best for many obese people. There is a great article about this called “Dear Doctors, Quit It USING THE Weight Bullying” and it’s really by “Jess.” It could be found here. The topic of the post, as you may guess, is weight bullying.

Jess pointed out that when a regular health check-up becomes a fitness in shame, it tends to have a chilling influence on future doctor appointments. Which is one of the most ominous ramifications of weight bullying at the doctor’s, because putting off regular appointments can lead to serious conditions going undertreated or overlooked, and therefore irreparably harming someone’s health. Is what Jess experienced Here. She was at her doctor for a regular pap smear.

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I ate, but he didn’t await an answer. I had developed to exercise more, he said, having no idea how much I had been working out. I also had a need to eat less than whatever it was I used to be eating that I hadn’t gotten a chance to tell him. Dear god, what cutting-edge medical research! “Any doctor would tell you the same,” he said, as if I hadn’t been arriving to him, as unwanted fat ass now just, for several years. You won’t live to see 40! You’ll never see your child grow up!

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