‘RHOC’ Shannon Beador’s Ex David Storms Out Of Courtroom In Nasty Divorce Hearing

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‘RHOC’ Shannon Beador’s Ex David Storms Out Of Courtroom In Nasty Divorce Hearing

According to Radar’s eyewitness, hot-headed David, 54, became upset after he failed to encourage a judge to reduce his monthly child and spousal support payments to Shannon. As Radar previously reported, David filed a request for an order with the court demanding Shannon not consume alcoholic beverages “eight hours before or during the period of time” using their three daughters: Sophie, 17, and 14-12 months old twins Stella and Adeline.

Shannon slammed his demand, claiming her “deeply angry” ex-girlfriend or boyfriend only wants to “hurt and embarrass” her in public. During Thursday’s hearing, Judge James L. Waltz said he could not order Shannon stop drinking because that might be unlawful. “I’m not heading to make that order,” Waltz said. “I’ll make an order that neither you nor Shannon will be impaired throughout your parenting time, but for the consumption of alcohol, you are free.

We live in America and you are free to consume alcohol wherever you want. You can get in an automobile after consuming alcohol even. You are able to consume alcohol with your children in the car even, although that makes my heart go wild. You might not drive while impaired. You might not parent while impaired.

The judge also said he didn’t “want to try this case twice,” and ordered both parties to come back in 8 weeks to discuss David’s request to reduce his child support and spousal support payments. An agitated David informed the court he thought he was paying too much in monthly support, 12 months especially since Shannon allegedly makes almost twice as much as he did in the past.

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David also argued he now has 50 percent custody of his daughters, as the short-term support order approved by the judge this past year noted Shannon had 85 percent guardianship of the girls. 900, years 000 before, and praised his ex-lover even, stating he was pleased with her. He said he has attempted to settle the situation and approached Shannon’s lawyer, Ben Phillips, more than 20 times to come quickly to an agreement.

“It is destroying our children,” David said to the court. “It’s unbelievably unhappy that is all about money. Mrs. Beador, God bless her, she’s doing well amazingly. I’m so pleased with her. She’s doing fantastic. She’s making a ton of money. 22, per month there is absolutely no reason to stay the case 500. Phillips said he did not understand the income and expenses declaration that David has provided to the court and noted that the financial statements are unclear.

Forensic accountant Drew Hunt said the financial statements concerning David’s structure business are extremely complicated, and oftentimes income fluctuated. The court-appointed accountant said he thought David could be paying slightly more in regular support than what he should, but Hunt said would want more time and documentation from both parties before he could present his last opinion.

30,000 children and spousal support that David presently pays. David said he plans to reveal the reality through the trial, which is expected to last four to five days. “The support is and unreasonable unjust,” David said. Today “Experienced I was able to present, I would show the half-truths that have gone on in this trial. Shannon, who remained silent during the almost hour-long hearing mostly, chimed in at one point and said, “That’s a very important thing,” when the judge announced he did not watch the Real Housewives of Orange County. The truth TV superstar, who demonstrated off her recent weight loss by wearing limited black trousers and a thin black jacket, walked out of the courtroom with a smile on her behalf face. Shannon has too much to smile about nowadays. We pay for juicy info!