Who Should Certify Your CSLB Experience

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So who should certify your CSLB experience and who shouldn’t? And how should your trade experience be layed out on the permit application. Just how many certifiers do I want? Can my dad, mom, uncle, or brother be my certifier? They are common questions that I’m asked all the time. And although it looks like this aspect of the license software is somewhat of a daunting task, it’s really not that bad.

Who should certify your CSLB experience? If you are submitting experience as an employee, do not check the “self-employed” box in-line two. Enter the employer’s business name, permit quantity, and business address. The certifier in cases like this may be the permit holder, official on the license, supervisor or foreman, fellow worker, or anyone who has first-hand knowledge of that experience. If you’re submitting experience as self-employed, do check the “self-employed” box in-line two, and leave the employer name, license number, address containers blank.

The certifier in this case is actually a business associate, another journeyman, or a service provider detailed in the same classification or above. I would avoid checking the “client” box because most people are not working for the same client 40 hours weekly for four years. If you’re, you should be on the payroll probably.

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How many certifiers do I want? Season period You only need one unless your certifier is not certifying a complete four. When you have one certifier that has first-hand understanding of only 2 yrs of experience, then you would need a second certifier to protect the remaining two years. Submitting more than one work experience page for once period with different certifiers is not just a benefit for you. It generally does not increase your likelihood of the application form being accepted (aka “posted”). Can your dad, mother, uncle, or brother be your certifier? Yes. As long as they have first-hand knowledge of your experience and are experienced to learn if your experience is at the journeyman level.

The title they might select would most likely be “Business Associate” unless these are licensed. You then would choose the Contractor container and enter their license quantity. Imagine if you can’t use your employer as your certifier because it might put your work status in danger? You could utilize a fellow employee or foreman/supervisor as your certifier.

Submit a letter with your application stating you don’t want the CSLB contacting the employer straight because it could jeopardize your work. The CSLB isn’t in the business to getting people fired from their jobs. How should your trade experience be layed out on the permit application? This implies that the certifier has to fill out the knowledge outline. However the implication will there be, it is appropriate for you to complete the experience outline and have your certifier sign-off on it. The put together should be universal, forward straight, and trade specific. Then describe the trade duties you perform/supervise on a regular basis. Do not list administrative duties.

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