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Despite great strides made in the industry toward better business procedures, it is still plagued by a not-so-good reputation because of the bad behavior of dishonest facility owners. One of these is a legal case that was brought against Club 24 in Santa Maria, Calif. Club 24’s owners, Wilson Marx, and Frank Smith, are facing felony and misdemeanor charges for allegedly deducting unauthorized fees from users’ credit cards and lender accounts.

Another fitness center also encounters charges over member obligations and fees. Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett sued The East Hills Racquet and Fitness Club, operator of the Edgewood Tennis Fitness Club, because users didn’t get what they covered. Abruptly in February The service shut, leading to complaints from members who already paid for memberships or playing golf courtroom time, but didn’t get refunds. 32,000 in fines and restitution following the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office received complaints from people who purchased memberships prior to the facility’s ownership changed, but nonetheless needed to pay new initiation fees.

Planet Fitness, Lancaster, Pa., formerly of Lancaster County Racquetball and Fitness Club, agreed to pay the fine to stay allegations that the fitness center didn’t honor existing agreements after possession was transferred. These examples aren’t the only ones out there. Illegal and sneaky (legal or not) business practices need to stop.

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People already find it difficult to join a fitness center. Realizing that it will be difficult to leave, or that they will be billed “concealed fees,” will only increase their excuses never to join in the first place. These dishonest companies hurt fitness centers everywhere and contribute to the bad reputation that the industry suffers.

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