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The Tattooed Teacher

Today was workday number one! I got nothing at all a lot done! I then found out my teammate and I would be moving classrooms/hallways. I am in my class for 5 years and it requires a good purging! I’m not bringing the file cabinet with me! I’m hoping it will help us remember what we should currently have! I am the ultimate procrastinator.

Tuesday night I had been until 1AM working on our slideshow for Awards Day another morning! Why or why do that every is performed by me.single.year? I must say I didn’t think I’d get emotional either, but I needed Kleenex making the damn thing just! I just found the perfect trio! SMilebox is just so freakin’ easy! I click add song and wa la!

And with Smilebox’s Teacher Toolbox program, you can obtain it for a complete 12 months free! Smilebox, if you’d like to email me just! Guess who’s in there? She has some tattoos. She actually is wearing a strange headband on the trunk cover. I had been like the odd new girl among the popular ones! But it was done by us!

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Monday the interactive online version will be submitted and I’m pumped! I mean, this is as near to famous as I’ll ever be so that it is exciting! I’ll be sharing more soon! I was the only person in the homely house that needed to get right up before 6AM! But these crazy boys aren’t my only kids! Day This right here is why I love my job most every!

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