JCI Falls 2.59 Percent As Trade Tension Escalates, GDP Growth Slows

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JCI Falls 2.59 Percent As Trade Tension Escalates, GDP Growth Slows

Indonesian talk about prices mostly declined on Monday as the escalation of the trade war between the USA and China, and a decrease in Indonesia’s GDP development in the next quarter put into traders’ concerns. 77.08 million) in world-wide web foreign sell throughout the day, with private lender Bank or investment company Central Asia’s stock being the most sold.

Binaartha Parama Sekuritas analyst Nafan Aji told The Jakarta Post that the decrease may have been triggered by growing concern within the Indonesian overall economy after GDP development slowed in the next quarter. According to Statistics Indonesia (BPS), Indonesia’s economic growth dropped to 5.05 percent year-on-year in the second quarter of this year as exports dropped and investment development slowed.

That comes even close to 5.07 percent or recorded in the first quarter and 5.27 percent or seen in the second quarter of last season. “However, the slowing economic growth didn’t have much influence on the JCI, as most of the sentiment came from outside of the country,” Nafan said. United States President Donald Trump announced last week that he would impose new tariffs on goods brought in from China. Beijing in response vowed to retaliate.

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