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But this season, I decided to give it a go in any case. Rather than invent something fake with an intention of earning an inexpensive joke, I made a decision to update the FreeDOS website. Our “April 1st” website was extremely popular and provided us a lift in website traffic and downloads of the FreeDOS 1.2 distribution. Obviously, day some Internet smart guy decided to bot-attack us on a single, as his own “prank maybe.” Ironically, an attempted DOS attack on the website about DOS.

There’s not much to this, therefore I figured I’d share the details and stylesheet in case you want to do this on your own website. The FreeDOS website is built around HTML Version 5, using a pretty standard template. There’s some extra markup within to make things look pretty, but that is the basic design of the web site. For details, you can view the source of any web page on our website.

It was fairly straightforward to create a web stylesheet to redefine the web site colors to appear to be a DOS terminal. The April 1st website was only designed for the main one day, but I must acknowledge that I liked it certainly. And from your responses on social media and via email, I think a lot of other people too loved it! Maybe the “throwback” design can make a reappearance sometime in the future. This seems like something to draw out for special occasions.

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  • Right click Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator
  • Website flow no longer working smoothly
  • Outsourced Offshore: $500 ~ $15,000
  • Build A Simple Website For Each Product
  • Google Sheets
  • Go to Settings (found at the remaining sidebar menu)
  • Be yourself and not some idea of who you’re likely to be

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