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We have a section in our nonfiction tagged “I Spy”. This is one particular places in the collection that our students gravitate to. They just love the I Spy books. Actually, our secondary students use to go down to check out the I Spy books from the elementary library so we have even added some to their collection too. Everyone loves looking at the amazing photographs filled with concealed treasures and reading the playful words that go with these to create the fun tales.

Jean Marzollo is the writer of the I Spy series and a great many other books for children. After several students asked me if we could Skype with her I reached away and asked her to go to our library practically. We are so honored to have Jean visit Van Meter. She’ll visit in October with our 4th graders. Yesterday I told the 4th graders and they were so excited In the collection.

I then talk about the notice that was delivered about Jean’s Skype visit to our library. She wished us to do a few things before she linked with most of us. We decided together an eBook would be created by us called I Spy Truck Meter College. All the learning students could have their particular illustration and riddle on a full page.

We published a letter with their parents reminding these to bring materials to school next Tuesday and Thursday. I inspired these to make their photo illustrations special and personal to them. We brainstormed all sorts of items they could bring to create their scene for the illustrations. It’ll be really fun to see what they bring.

They will then use their iPad to consider photographs of the I Spy picture they create. Only one photo will be needed, to allow them to edit them and choose which one would be best for our collaborative I Spy eBook. We are placing our eBook together using FlipSnack after college next Thursday and Friday. Any of the 4th graders can come and help us put our book together.

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After setting up the visit I had been walking down the hallway at Van Meter and handed by this AWESOME new screen created by Janelle Thompson, one of our instructional strategists in the primary, and her mom. I was happy to see that it fit precisely what we were doing in the collection and with Jean’s visit. There are also many resources online that I have put onto the 4th graders Symbaloo about Jean and the I Spy series.

I really appreciated overlooking the page of Jean’s Books For Children To Explore. To check out this page filled with I links to resources and activities Spy. Also, Scholastic has a wonderful I Spy website that our kids love! I especially like the I Spy The Library video game from the website. It is so fun to find things concealed in the library pictures.

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