10 Reasons TO BEGIN WITH Someone Else’s Product Or Service

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10 Reasons TO BEGIN WITH Someone Else’s Product Or Service

Once you have pick a niche to advertise and develop you will need to decide to either develop your own product or service or market somebody else’s. If you are starting out what is the best way to begin? Create your own product, Market someone else’s or a cross of both join a multilevel marketing company? The answer depends on your own experience and goals really, but we will approach this answer based on someone having no experience in product development or starting a business.

Before I details why to start with somebody else’s product i want to first address Network Marketing. Many people that are new to home based businesses and internet marketing really don’t understand that network marketing is nearly the same as marketing somebody else’s product. That’s what you are really doing Basically. You are marketing and advertising the product and developing business owners that can do the same.

The advantages of network marketing are the company usually provides Product recognition, Training, customer service and fulfillment. Additionally they usually will provide some way for your customers to cover the product but some models of network marketing already have the associate gather the amount of money and purchase the product. If you’re just starting out I would recommend marketing somebody else’s product first, Then move to a network marketing model then to your own product me clarify why. When you are marketing somebody else’s product you can leap frog lots of the obstacles new business owner have. You can determine if the product is offering well by its recognition among the affiliate marketers that are selling it.

You do not have to provide training on the product or service. As you can see for the start business owner it is a great advantage to start by marketing someone else product. Once you understand how to market and start buzzing up sales then it is time to consider the multilevel marketing model or your own product. Their are advantages to Network Marketing and owning your own product. A coach is helpful to start out in this process to help you select.

The Nordic survey also sees several hazards when companies and NGOs get into bed with each other. NGOs risk jeopardizing their legitimacy. Businesses risk throwing away resources. But there are also risks for the collaboration — that the business simply reaps the reputational reward without making serious efforts to achieve improvement.

That could backfire on both partners, the record says: “For business, it’s undeniable that partnering with NGOs has results on the image. The odds are probably stacked against this kind of partnership really achieving dramatic changes rather than superficial success. But if both relative sides go about it correctly, significant gains can be achieved, as the RMC, FedEx and Starbucks cases show. The business must be seriously interested in changing its behavior, and should have the ability to drive change in its sector and across the business community more generally. The NGO must have the ability to maintain clear accountability to its key stakeholders, and must maintain its independence from the business partner.

Each partner must benefit directly, and also to understand the other’s benefits. The “rules of engagement” have to be clearly agreed at the outset. Individual participants must be sufficiently older to have their organization’s mandate and be able to take difficult decisions without constantly having to refer back. The cultural people included must trust one another. “Some more enlightened companies can easily see a lot of potential in partnerships quite, if the capability is had by them to perform them effectively,” Beloe says. But he has a warning for NGOs which shy away from the risks of being “contaminated” by getting too near to the organization world.

Organizations such as Pact, the U.S.-centered organization with a brief history of capacity building, and the International Business Leaders Forum, are working hard to ensure that will not happen. They have collaborated to build up NGO understanding of and confidence in business partnerships in several countries. Pact has also developed skills in understanding which businesses and NGOs can handle making partnerships work.

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Its successes include working with Coca-Cola in Indonesia to transform libraries into youngsters learning centers, with Chevron in Angola to build local business and civil society, and with Citibank on microfinance in Vietnam. Like so many initiatives, though, most such tasks essentially use the business partner solely to provide financing, and other resources perhaps. Deepening the relationship to challenge and change business practices, or work to change government policies jointly, seems to be more challenging — but if it works it will also be more rewarding. This informative article has been reprinted thanks to Ethical Corporation magazine. It was first released in the April 2004 edition of that publication.

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